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Star Wars Spotlights is a podcast where we hear from the many different people working to make the galaxy far far away a better place. This time on spotlights we talked to Eric Berry, who is the owner of Hole in the Ground Productions. We also talked to Paul Lindberg, who heads up Cloud City Holonet. Finally, we talked with Omar Meshar, who started Now I Am the Master.

This time on Faster and more intense, Shiloh and George are joined by Paul Lindberg, who is the owner of Cloud City Holonet and New Canon Novel extraordinaire. They discuss the four latest New Canon Novels to come out, Dark Disciple, Lords of The Sith, Lost Stars, and Aftermath. With so much to talk about, they couldn’t contain themselves so the podcast ended up being 2 hours long. So get ready for twice the great star wars talk this time on Faster and More Intense.

Paul Lindberg returns to to guest host with Shiloh, George and Matt giving opinions and commentary on the recent episode of Star Wars Rebels: Always two there are.

We return this week with guest Paul Lindberg to the galaxy far, far away to analyze the season two episode of Star Wars Rebels: Wings of the Master.