Star Wars #ComLINKS: Favorite Memory

Trying to come up with just one favorite Star Wars memory that trumps them all is virtually and literally impossible for me as a life-long Star Wars enthusiast.

Forget it. Not happenin’.

I have almost four decades of amazing experiences and unforgettable stories I can recall as if they happened only this morning relating to my Star Wars fandom.

No, I refuse to pick just one and call it my favorite.

So I’ll share a handful of my favorites along with the disclaimer that the list below certainly is not exhaustive and I retain the right to add, modify, and/or change anything at any time from this point forward. Because as you all know and I’m sure agree there’s never been a better time in the history of the Planet Earth to be a Star Wars fan.

Thank the Force I was alive during this period of our history. The below is basically a brief summary of my Star Wars life. Sorry not sorry:

  • Seeing The Empire Strikes Back in the early 80’s and having my mind blown as I was introduced to the Star Wars Universe.
  • Watching A New Hope over and over and over and over and over again at my best friend Derek’s house (who owned it on VHS).
  • Opening the Millennium Falcon on Christmas morning 1982.
  • Seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater (the first Star Wars film I saw on the big screen).
  • Turning an old wicker chair on its back and using my Star Wars action figures to re-create the Sarlacc pit scene. Our heroes always ended up escaping in the Millennium Falcon. Just FYI.
  • Re-creating the Sarlacc pit scene with my friends on my sisters’ bunk bed, which served as a desert skiff.
  • Using blankets, tables, chairs, and all the electronic equipment (anything with buttons or switches on it) to create the Millennium Falcon cockpit where my friends and I flew on countless adventures around the galaxy.
  • Opening a Kenner DL-44 blaster on Christmas morning 1983. I can still hear those laser blast sound effects.
  • Taking The Empire Strikes Back lunchbox to school every day of third grade.ESBlunchbox
  • Opening the Original Trilogy on VHS on Christmas morning 1987.
  • Purchasing the Original Trilogy on DVD.
  • Reading The Thrawn Trilogy.
  • Seeing The Phantom Menace on release day at midnight with whoopin’ and hollerin’ Star Wars fans.
  • Seeing Attack of the Clones more than 10 times at the theater. Many, many, many work lunch breaks were extended into the early afternoon. My boss never found out!
  • Counting down the days to Revenge of the Sith and then trying to soak up every last second of the movie thinking it was the last time we’d ever see a Star Wars film on the big screen.
  • Seeing the Star Wars Special Editions in theaters in the late 90s.
  • Getting into the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels because that’s all we had!
  • Cosplaying as Darth Vader for my nephew’s and son’s birthday parties.
  • Creating a Star Wars movie for my 5-year-old son to star in.
  • Producing and starring in my own Star Wars fan film.
  • Learning Disney was going to make a new trilogy and anthology films.
  • Staying up all night waiting for the release of The Force Awakens on Thanksgiving night and seeing those X-Wings soar over the lake and Kylo’s new lightsaber. And the Millennium Falcon!!!
  • Star. Wars. Legos. Enough said there!
  • Attending Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim and meeting Dave Filoni and the cast of Star Wars Rebels.
  • Meeting Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher and getting a photo with them.
  • Meeting Stephen Stanton, the voice of Governor Tarkin.
  • Meeting so many awesome Star Wars fans in person and online and joining the awesome Star Wars communities on social media where we discuss all things Star Wars and share our experiences and reactions.
  • Receiving an autographed picture of Darth Maul from Ray Park.
  • Seeing The Force Awakens on opening night with my family and friends and taking my kids to see their first Star Wars film on the big screen.

And thousands more in between …

How cool is it knowing all of our Star Wars memory lists will continue to grow during our lifetimes? Our experiences with the Galaxy far, far away will keep piling up for ourselves, our families, and those we love. Sharing all of these with them and with you are what makes Star Wars fandom the best fandom in the universe.

Thank you for accompanying me on a trip down Star Wars memory lane. What’s on your list? I can’t to read yours.

May the Force be with you.

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