Bold Predictions for Rebels Season 2

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 With nearly twice as many episodes of in season two of Star Wars Rebels than we had in Season 1, I’m looking forward to the continued character development, specifically Hera, Zeb, and Sabine. Those three were relegated somewhat to background characters in comparison to the heavy emphasis on Kanan and Ezra’s relationship and their training in the Force. It’s understandable why the focus was on the two Jedi, but now it’s time to gain a similar understanding of the rest of the Ghost crew’s backgrounds. Including Chopper.

While the Inquisitor was definitely scary and I love Agent Kallus’ style, it wasn’t until Tarkin and Vader showed up that I felt the Empire was again a threat to the Ghost crew’s efforts. Throughout Season 1, stormtroopers bumbled along getting their heads knocked off by Zeb, outsmarted by Chopper, and out skilled by Ezra. But as we all know, the overall state of the galaxy needs to deteriorate quickly in order for us to continue seeing the formation of the Rebel Alliance and inevitable all-out galactic war.

I very much would like to see the two new inquisitors dispatched by the Empire to hunt down the Jedi provide a significant threat to the Rebels. We found out recently Sarah Michelle Gellar will voice the female inquisitor, who’s called the Seventh Sister (which sounds Dathomirian to me). I hope the inquisitors are as intimidating as they appeared in the Season two trailer and prove immensely effective against the ever-improving Jedi, who now have Ahsoka’s training and experience, as well. The battles should be more intense and the stakes should get higher each episode.

Of course the main event would be an Ahsoka-Vader meeting. While I’d certainly love to see an epic lightsaber duel between the Ahsoka and her former master, the first time they run into each other should be dripping with drama and intrigue, so it’s okay if it’s not an all-out war between the two. I envision something like Luke and Vader, where they end up dueling twice before a winner emerged.

When asked a few weeks ago about an Ahsoka-Vader meeting, Filoni said “if” they were to meet, Ahsoka “wouldn’t be a push over.” Filoni went on to say Ahsoka is “well-equipped” to deal with Anakin.

Bring it on!


I have some BOLD season two predictions. These are, obviously, pure speculation only and—if I’m honest—just wishful thinking on my part. So take them with a grain of Lothalian sand:

The Return of Darth Maul – I’m of the opinion Lucas made a big mistake in killing him off (or so we thought) in The Phantom Menace and didn’t get to see him in Episodes II and III, so when Maul was brought back into the canon story inThe Clone Wars, I yub yubbed for weeks! I adored the episodes Maul appeared in because he’s a true villain and frankly, he scares me. Thankfully we got the comics to see what happened after The Clone Wars was cancelled, and last we saw Maul, he and the Death Watch escaped—again. Which leads into the following theory…

Sabine is connected to Death Watch – We heard this past week we’ll get to see more about Sabine’s past in season two, and more specifically her Mandalorian roots. I’m thinking Sabine may even be Bo-Katan’s relative in some way (dare I say, her daughter?), with a name so similar to Bo-Katan’s sister, Satine. Look for her family tree on Mandalore to contain someone from The Clone Wars. Pre-Vizsla?

Death Star 1 – I’m betting we’ll see the first Death Star under construction like we saw Death Star 2 in Return Of The Jedi. I’ve got a feeling when Vizago calls in his Jedi favor, it has something to do with him hoping to cash in on the Empire’s needs for materials to build the battle station.

A Princess Leia sighting – The budding Alderaanian senator would be around 15 years old, so seeing her beginning to make a name for herself in the Imperial Senate would not be a stretch whatsoever. If you’ve read Alexandra Bracken’s “The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy,” you know this isn’t really much of a BOLD prediction.

Death of the Clones – As much as it pains me to think it, my gut says Rex and the other Clones will see their demise, but not before making a lasting impact on the Rebels in helping them become properly equipped for the imminent Galactic Civil War. And it would be fitting to have the Clones, who used to serve under Anakin, meet their end at his lightsaber.

There you have it. These are my predictions for Star Wars Rebels in season two. Tell me if you agree or disagree and why. Do you have any predictions or hopes for the upcoming season? Let me hear them before October 14.

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