Adam Harris’ Star Wars Documentary Will Inspire a Galaxy

“This film is not just about Star Wars and Star Wars fandom, it’s about community, family, overcoming adversity and living your dreams.”
– Adam Harris


If you haven’t heard Adam Harris’s story yet, then you must be living as a hermit on Tatooine. As Star Wars fans, we continually are immersed in stories that inspire us, seeing and reading how our heroes overcome challenges and turn seemingly hopeless situations into ones of survival and celebration. Adam Harris is the real-life embodiment of what inspirational stories are made of.

Enter Adam Harris’s creation – a Star Wars fan film documentary entitled My Saga that’s currently in production and due to be released in 2016. From the film’s website ( “My Saga follows the journey of Adam Harris, who four years ago was struck down with a brain tumor, and transformed something tragic into something positive. With the love of his family and his passion for Star Wars, he overcame this adversity to be given a chance to live a dream with his son, Jack Anakin Harris. This father and son have now embarked on a journey together for the next 12 months to explore the bonds between generations of fans as they experience the build up to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.”

adamandfamI’m disappointed I didn’t learn of Adam and his story before attending Star Wars Celebration: Anaheim as I would’ve sought him out, even if just to meet him and shake his hand.  Adam, his wife Angela and their three children, reside in Australia. Through all the Facebook posts, Tweets, and YouTube links available on social media about Adam and My Saga, his journey captured my attention. Many news outlets, blogs, and Star Wars fan sites have already covered Adam’s story. But still, I wanted to reach out to Adam and let him know of another soul his story touched and do what I could to help promote the film and his website, which recently launched an online store ( with the merchandise profits going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation (

To learn more about Adam’s story, check out the feature produced by Australia’s SBS 2, The Feed:


Adam was gracious enough to sit down to do a Q&A with Cloud City HoloNet despite his busy schedule, which includes being a full-time husband and father, along with a full-time job and all the demands that come with producing My Saga. His wife Angela also chimed in, so be sure to read the entire Q&A below.

“Don’t ever give up, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to be you. Embrace your passions.”   – Adam Harris


CCHN: What stage are you currently with My Saga and is there a release date you are targeting?

Adam: We are approximately at the half way point of shooting currently and we are aiming for an early 2016 release. Hopefully sometime around February/March next year.

CCHN: What has been the biggest challenge so far in making the documentary?

Adam: Time. Myself and my team all have jobs, film-making is our passion but unfortunately at this stage it doesn’t pay the bills. So we all work, have families and we want to make this film, it’s trying to find a perfect balance. Finding the time to film has proved quite a challenge, sometime though we’ve had to make the time due to it being a certain event that takes place.

CCHN: Why a documentary vs. a traditional film?

Adam: I love fan films, I’ve always wanted to make my own Star Wars film but when they announced the new trilogy I remember my first time seeing Star Wars in the theatre with my father and it just hit me that I now had an opportunity to capture that moment with son and furthermore I could take my son on a Star Wars pilgrimage and find out why people connect and bond with the Star Wars story.

CCHN: What has been the most enjoyable part of making the documentary?

Adam: Being able to share it with my family. To have them by my side experiencing those special moments with me is just amazing. Especially to have my 6 year old son Jack with me during my time in the U.S….it was truly special.

CCHN: What makes working with Haywire Films so special?

Adam: Haywire Films have been the amazing during this whole production. The team of Terry King and Rod O’Neill are the most talented bunch of guys I have ever met. Not only are the producing this film, they also have designed the website for the film and our fantastic theatrical posters. There is nothing these guys cannot do.

CCHN: Without giving away too much, which interview with a Star Wars person did you enjoy the most and why?

Adam: They were all equally amazing, but to interview Perry King who voiced Han Solo in the Radio Dramas was probably just that little extra special. I am a huge fan of those Radio Dramas and Perry’s take on Han Solo was just amazing. I truly had a fanboy moment meeting him.

CCHN: What question have you been wanting to be asked about your film but haven’t been asked – and how would you answer it?

Adam: Tough question… what are you hoping will happen when people see your film? I’m hoping that I will not only inspire other Star Wars fans to chase their dreams but everyone. That you can overcome anything and make your dreams come true.

CCHN: Do you have anything specific you’d like to say to everyone who is planning to see your film?

Adam: This film is not just about Star Wars and Star Wars fandom, it’s about community, family, overcoming adversity and living your dreams.

CCHN: What will you do post release to continue promoting and raising awareness and donations for Starlight?

Adam: We will continue to raise funds/donations through our online store as profits from all merchandise will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundations and also profits made from the sale of the film will also be heading to Starlight.

CCHN: Without spoiling too much, what do you have planned when you see The Force Awakens for the first time? Is that when you will wrap up production/shooting?

Adam: This is locked away tighter than The Force Awakens script….but I will say it will be the last day of shooting. I would love to share but it is going to be amazing when people see this bit in the documentary.

CCHN: We all have our own saga in a way – some include very scary life moments such as what you have experienced. What message do you have for others who see your film and are going through something scary to them?

Adam: Don’t ever give up, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to be you. Embrace your passions.

CCHN: What do you love the most about the Star Wars Community?

adamandjackAdam: There is a true feeling of not just community but of family. During my time at Star Wars Celebration this year I got to experience it first hand with my son and everyone was so kind and supportive and the stories I heard were all amazing and unique but that common bond of Star Wars is something each fan shares and that’s what makes the fans more like family.

CCHN: Who/what is your favorite Star Wars character and why?

Adam: It’s a tie…Luke from the original trilogy and Obi-Wan from the prequels. They both have an inner strength to overcome anything and it is something I aspire to. They always see the best in everyone and never give up, I just love that about these characters.

CCHN: Which Star Wars character do you relate to the most and why?

Adam: I would have to say Luke Skywalker, in A New Hope Luke is yearning for adventure and knows that he is destined for other things. I really relate to the journey he takes in the Original Trilogy and that exploration of family and him having to believe in himself to become the person he is meant to be.

CCHN: What Star Wars character’s story/journey do you liken to your own and why?

Adam: A mix of Anakin’s and Luke’s. There are things in both their story arc’s I relate to in my life and decisions I made when growing up to now being a parent.

CCHN: What message from Star Wars do you hold dearest to your heart?

Adam: Do or do not there is no try….Yoda speaks the truth, you either do it or don’t. Words I now live by.

CCHN: What about ROTJ made you aspire to be a filmmaker?

Adam: Being a kid seeing this film on the big screen was just something incredible. When I left I wanted to know how they did it and that I wanted to tell stories like that.

CCHN: What films besides ROTJ have influenced you significantly in terms of filmmaking?

Adam: Steven Spielberg played a huge part in me wanting to be a film-maker. He is such a diverse director who can tackle a variety of subjects and tell such an intriguing and engaging story that you could go back and watch again and again. He is the greatest director of all time in my eyes.

CCHN: What is the draw for you in terms of being a filmmaker?

Adam: Being able to tell a story. I just love being able to bring something, an idea, to life. You can read a book and imagine in your mind what that universe is like but it’s something else to create the visual and I just love that about film, it makes it reality.

CCHN: What’s the biggest takeaway/learning so far in being a filmmaker?

Adam: It’s a tough and huge industry, but to not give up hope, to listen and learn and have fun along the way.

CCHN: Final question – Your love of Star Wars and filmmaking has inspired you to do something great – for yourself, for your family, for all of us devoted fans. So what will be your encore?

Adam: Direct Episode IX, just kidding….I have a couple of ideas and a feature script already done, but I might see what the future holds once this documentary is finished. I hope though I can be part of another Star Wars film project in the future.

  • Adam’s wife, Angela, was gracious enough to answer a few of our interview questions.

CCHN: What does it mean to you and your family to see Adam pursuing a lifelong dream?

Angela: Everything. We all have a dream we all want to follow and he is blessed to be able to follow his.

CCHN: Obviously your family’s story has inspired many already and certainly will exponentially inspire others once the film is released. Is there a story you already have about Adam’s story already inspiring someone else?

Angela: Not to my knowledge, but it’s only a matter of time.

CCHN: How many times have you told Adam he’s crazy?

Angela: Never, though he does drive me crazy on the odd occasion.

CCHN: Since success is a journey not a destination, and success is purely relative to the one defining it, how will you know when you will be able to call this film a success for your family personally?

Angela: When it is completed and Adam can say he is proud of the finished product.

CCHN: What has been the most inspirational part of this journey for you and your family?

Angela: Watching my boys get on a plane to America to go on that part of the journey.

CCHN: What are you doing on release day? A babysitter will be lined up I hope 🙂

Angela: I can’t tell you (rolls eyes)…It’s all a secret.

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Many thanks to Adam and Angela Harris for taking the time to do the Q&A with Cloud City HoloNet. We’re looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens and then seeing My Saga. Best wishes, and as always…

May the Force Be With You.

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