A letter from an incarcerated Star Wars Fan (Part 4)

Here’s the final installment of the four-part series viewing the the letter I received from an inmate at a local prison who saw my article from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and sent me a hand-written note asking a million questions. Yes I have responded and am waiting to see if he responds. On the final page, he took the time to explain step by step how I could print out provide him scene by scene screen shots of the teaser so he could view. Naturally I just printed out my TFA Teaser Breakdown post from April that walked through the second teaser in detail. I know he’ll be pleasantly surprised at what he receives.

I’ve included the fourth and final page here (click on the photo to enlarge). You can view Page 1Page 2, and Page 3 of his letter from my earlier posts.Pg 4

I’ll contDark_Disciple_Coverinue with a few posts from the Star Wars Vault next time, followed by a review of Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. I was lucky enough to nab an advance copy and my reviews of the book (a spoiler-full and a spoiler-free version) will be posted here on the release date – July 7.

May the Force be with you.

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