A Letter from an Incarcerated Star Wars Fan (Part 2)

Here is Page 2 of the hand-written letter I received from a Star Wars fan who is an inmate at a local prison. He read my Star Wars Celebration Anaheim article in the local paper and it prompted him to write a letter full of questions on the state of the franchise and mail it to the newspaper in hopes it would be forwarded to me.

You can see Page 1 here.

Luckily it did find its way to my mailbox. The inmate has no access to the Internet and saw me as a way to get caught up on all the Star Wars news we’ve enjoyed the last few years that is now accelerating into lightspeed with all the films, novels, comics, and the like.

Notice how he even mentions the Star Wars Holiday Special after his line of questioning about Celebration itself and who I was able to interview. The first thing I did was send him my full-length, unedited article that did not make it into the paper. Because of space reasons, the article was chopped pretty significantly in my opinion. That’s just how it works.

The full length version is available here on my blog.

Secondly, notice he is unaware of what ever came up Season 6 of The Clone Wars after it was canceled. I am looking forward to him receiving my return letter that catches him up on all the goodness is waiting for him if he ever gets out. Without further ado, here’s Page 2 (click the image to enlarge):Pg 2Page 3 will be published soon here on my blog. Stay tuned!

May the Force be with you.

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