A Letter From an Incarcerated Star Wars Fan (Part 1)

A few weeks after my Star Wars Celebration Anaheim article appeared in the local paper, I received a letter forwarded by the newspaper from an inmate at a local prison about 30 miles away.

The person, who did not mention why he was locked up, is obviously a huge Star Wars fan. His four-page letter asked all the right questions and was quite telling of someone who’s been unable to access any Star Wars news for a few years.

Below is Page 1 of his letter (click on it to enlarge). I’ll publish the remaining pages in future posts. It’s a very interesting perspective to see someone disengaged from the Internet hungry for the latest news about the franchise, which has been in the news constantly as of late.

In case you were wondering, yes – I have already replied and hope to hear from him again.

Pg 1

May the Force be with you.

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