The Star Wars Vault – Episode I


Welcome to The Star Wars Vault – Episode I, where I’ll attempt to walk through this gem of a collection that was released in 2007 celebrating 30 years of the Star Wars Universe. It was written by Stephen J. Stansweet and Peter Vilmur. This series of blog posts are designed to give you a taste of what this beauty holds in its 128 pages. I am ashamed to admit I received The Star Wars Vault as a gift in 2007 and it wasn’t until recently that I blew the dust off of the cover and dived in. The delay is a story for another day. While I highly recommend every Star Wars fan pick up there own copy, this series will whet your appetite and provide some sneak peeks into what a powerful collection of Star Wars production insights, memorabilia, media, and the like.

So here we go…

IMG_1296 Inside the front cover you will find a page that folds up to reveal to CDs. Remember – this was 2007 and it’s a first edition. The top page contains the titles of the tracks on each audio CD, while the bottom page contains the discs. Disc 1 is decorated like Death Star 1 and Disc 2 is Alderaan. (Click the photo to enlarge for detail.) Throughout the book there are CD icons to prompt you when to play one of the tracks, which adds to your enjoyment and experience.

IMG_1292IMG_1293Here are some photos of what the tracks are titled

(Click to enlarge).


From there you hit the title page and then you go into the table of contents which begins to show you the kind of gems you’ll see throughout the book. Such as the Lucasfilm Research Library logo, a VIP pass following the UK premier of The Phantom Menace, a film can label with the original title of Episode IV, and an invitation to the cast and crew screening of Episode IV in Beverly Hills. (Click to enlarge)


These images are meant to just give you a tease of what the book contains. I will not be posting all of the images and treasures… you’ll need to nab your own copy to get the full meal deal. After the table of contents, you reach the Introduction, which is by Sansweet. On the opposite page you get an eye full – Star Wars Storyboard 1, which contains the films original title and the opening graphic we all love.


Atop Sansweet’s introduction, there’s a picture of the ultimate treasure in the trash, which started Sansweet’s epic Star Wars collection. It was a 1976 Star Wars brochure that he rescued from a bin after its original owner left the office. I’ll leave the details for you to read yourself once you pick up a copy.

So there you have – Episode I of The Star Wars Vault. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into what the amazing pages of this book holds. Episode II will briefly touch on George Lucas and him getting the first film off the ground, along with Ralph McQuarrie coming into the picture.

Until then … May the Force be with you.


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