Petition the Obama Administration to proclaim May the Fourth National Star Wars Day

The pop culture phenomenon that is Star Wars deserves to be recognized as a national holiday annually on May 4th – “May the Fourth be with you.”

The Star Wars franchise, with fans numbering in the millions, has had a significant impact on modern popular culture in many ways. The franchise’s sights, sounds, and sayings are deeply engrained in American society. It changed the film industry in 1977 upon its initial film release and its popularity continues to grow daily with additional films, TV, books, and comics due to be released over the next 5+ years.

Star Wars’s impact on our country even reached political heights in the 1980s as part of the Ronald Reagan Administration’s Strategic Defense Initiative as its missile defense project was dubbed “Star Wars.”

Please click here and add your name to the petition. Then (very important), share the link with fellow Star Wars fans and encourage them to add their name to the petition and share the link with their Star Wars friends and family. Together we can do this!

Sign the Petition Here!

May the Force (and Fourth) be with you.

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