Your search for a Solo May the Fourth plan ends here

Star Wars Day 2015. May the Fourth be with us… always.

If May 4 isn’t automatically populating in our electronic calendars as a holiday like Memorial Day or Labor Day, then we’re doing it wrong as a planet – in my opinion.

So how do you celebrate May the Fourth? Let me know in the comment section below or shoot me a tweet (@_dockingbay94_). For me, it’s pretty much the same every year … the films, TV series, Legos, books, shopping, and Star Wars-themed adult beverages, of course.

I do my own thing as opposed to going out because frankly going out isn’t an option. I live in a rather rural part of the galaxy – the landscape and desolation here more closely resembles Tatooine vs. places most people prefer to live, like a Coruscant or a Naboo. This means there’s nothing here formally organized for May the Fourth, unlike other parts of the galaxy where I see events advertised with food and drink specials and invitations for people to show up in costume and socialize. Kind of like a mini Star Wars Celebration.

No, instead I’m forced to Han “Solo” Star Wars Day – so I make the most of it as best I know how. In all honesty, May the Fourth is kind of like any other day since I eat, sleep, drink, and breathe Star Wars 24/7/365. My wife will attest to that. I was recently informed she needed to conduct a Star Wars intervention.

But each year Star Wars Day gives me that little extra incentive to do something I don’t normally do to celebrate the franchise and story I hold so dear. As an added bonus, May the Fourth falls on a Monday this year, so I had no choice but to make a three-day weekend out of it.

I’ve decided to kind of ease into it with some parts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday intertwined with my usual weekend duties (cleaning, yard work, working out, etc.). I’ll follow it up by hitting it hard on Monday, the actual holiday.

So here’s what’s on my docket and I hope it gives you some ideas on what you can do to celebrate Star Wars Day if you don’t have a plan of your own. I’m jealous of those of you who have a formal event to attend, but in the case you don’t or don’t want to, here’s my plan:

The Films2013-08-22-empire_strikes_back

Last year I powered through all six films on May 3rd and May 4th. While I definitely enjoyed it, I have a lot of other things planned this year so I’m not going to sit through all six. I definitely will watch Episodes IV and V, as those are my all-time favorites. Those viewings will be on Monday the 4th.


Last year we just had The Clone Wars but now we have Star Wars Rebels, too. Both series are part of my plan this year:

Clone Wars – Prior to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, I binged on The Clone Wars (all 6+ seasons), so for this Star Wars holiday I most likely will hand pick a few of my favorite arcs to watch, such as the new Bad Batch arc and probably the Citadel, Darth Maul, Order 66, and Ahsoka on the Run. These will be interspersed all three days since there’s a good 15-20 episodes to enjoy.

star-wars-rebelsRebels – I watched all of Season 1 just prior to Celebration, so my plan is to re-watch a few of my favorite episodes – such as Rise of the Old Masters, Empire Day, and of course Rebel Resolve and Fire Across the Galaxy. I just finished A New Dawn, so this plan also includes re-watching Spark of Rebellion since I just learned how Kanan and Hera met. This is a majority of Saturday’s plan. On Monday night, Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide will air on Disney XD recapping Season 1 – so that’s probably how I’ll wrap things up.


I have four sets of Star Wars LEGOs still sealed in their boxes – all of the 90- to 100-piece variety. Fun little and simple builds. I’ll lego-75079-shadows-troopers-star-wars-1assemble these methodically while watching the films and TV episodes on Sunday and Monday. I haven’t determined the order yet. I’ll just see where the Force leads me.


Lords_of_the_SithAs I mentioned, I just wrapped up A New Dawn and am already a few chapters into Lords of the Sith. Both Saturday and Sunday night before bed will see me absorbing all the evil Darth Vader and his Emperor can throw at Cham and company on Ryloth. Additionally, my copy of Ultimate Star Wars arrived on April 28, so I’ll be using it as designed – as a reference guide to enhance my viewing pleasure during the films and TV episodes.



Many brick and mortar and online retailers have special deals on Star Wars SWAG all weekend long – and even into next week. has a list on its site and is worth checking out:

I’ll plan to browse online throughout the weekend and Monday looking for stuff I can’t live without. I am seriously considering Anovos’ special Classic Imperial Stormtrooper pre-order offer: $350 gets you a kit and it will be shipped sometime during October and November. The special offer price is only good until May 4th, so check it out here:

Adult Beverages (for those 21 and older)

scoundrelbookooThe beer fridge currently houses a handful of beers with labels that make me think of the Star Wars Universe in some way. For example, Sound Brewery’s Old Scoundrel Ale and Mother Earth Brewing’s Boo Koo, which reminds me of Dooku. I plan to sip some of these craft beers I’ve been saving while enjoying the films, TV episodes, and Lego building.

So there you have it – an idea of what my Star Wars Day (er, I mean Star Wars Weekend) will entail. Let me know how you plan to celebrate – I may just want to incorporate something you do in future years. Either way, enjoy it! And as always…

May the Force (and Fourth) be with you.

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