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Revan vs. Dark Disciple

Thousands of Years Apart; But Similarities Abound With a lull between Star Wars new canon novel releases (I currently have Catalyst, Ahsoka, Empire’s End, and Thrawn on pre-order), I’m taking the opportunity to expand my Star Wars Legends… Read More

Twilight Company – Raw, Gritty, and Entertaining (non-spoiler review)

As an avid reader of the new Star Wars canon, I continue to be pleased with the way the universe is being expanded. Gone are the days of our heroes having to be morally justified in every act… Read More

Heroes Deserve A Good Death & Dark Disciple Delivers

The way I see it, it’s pretty simple. You love Star Wars. You adore The Clone Wars. You are part of the community that continues to demand it be resurrected or at least see what was started get… Read More

Q&A with Dark Disciple author Christie Golden

Below is my Q&A with Dark Disciple author Christie Golden. Follow her on Twitter at @ChristieGolden. Her website is I’ll post my review of Dark Disciple July 12 to give Cloud City HoloNet readers time to read the newest Star… Read More