Month: June 2015

Recap from Star Wars Night at Safeco Field, Seattle

Darth Vader delivered the game ball. Luke Skywalker threw out the first pitch. Forty characters took pictures with fans. Trivia. Music. And oh puns galore! Star Wars Night at Safeco Field in Seattle last Friday night (June 19,… Read More

My Reply to an Incarcerated Star Wars Fan

I’ve been running a series of posts about a hand-written letter I received from an imprisoned Star Wars fan who read my Star Wars Celebration Anaheim article in the local paper. Below is my response: No Billy Dee… Read More

A letter from an incarcerated Star Wars Fan (Part 4)

Here’s the final installment of the four-part series viewing the the letter I received from an inmate at a local prison who saw my article from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and sent me a hand-written note asking a… Read More