Month: April 2015

Your search for a Solo May the Fourth plan ends here

Star Wars Day 2015. May the Fourth be with us… always. If May 4 isn’t automatically populating in our electronic calendars as a holiday like Memorial Day or Labor Day, then we’re doing it wrong as a planet… Read More

TFA Teaser Breakdown and Speculation

I was fortunate enough to see The Force Awakens second teaser (twice!) with nearly 8,000 fellow Star Wars fans at the Celebration Stage to kick off Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. Now more than a week has past since… Read More

Canon vs. Legends and a request for the grumpiest Star Wars fans

I’m relatively new to this whole canon vs. non-canon discussion – consider me a Padawan at best – and I’ve stayed away from throwing my two cents in during the Facebook and Twitter war of words. I simply… Read More

My Padawans opted for Star Wars-themed entry @KidFilmFest

Short post today by design – I want this video to speak for itself. Quick background – my 10-year-old nephew started a Kids Film Festival last year and my children created a video that was awarded “Funniest.” For… Read More

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim… My first post

ANAHEIM, Calif. — With three little words, the largest gathering in Star Wars Celebration history roared its approval and the beloved franchise’s premier fan event was launched into hyperspace at the Anaheim Convention Center over the weekend. “Chewie,… Read More